Live from Tel Aviv’s violent riots

Extensive reporting during the 2015 Tel Aviv Riots, where protesters were hit with tear gas in fierce clashes with police

Australia’s Political Crisis

Dissecting Australia’s 2015 political turmoil with ‘Political Mann’ host Jonathan Mann

Germanwings Criminal Inquiry

Troubling findings about the Germanwings pilot, who purposely crashed a plane into a mountain

New Lockerbie Bombing Suspects

A fresh lead emerges in the 1988 mid air bombing of Pan Am flight 103

Police Thwart Sydney Terror Plots

On set with CNN’s Amara Walker discussing terror raids across Sydney

Terror Cell Busted

Reporting on arrests across Sydney, targeting an Islamic terror cell

Bushfire Disaster

On set with CNN’s George Howell as bushfires tear through part of Australia over Christmas/New Year

Nasa Discovers Earth’s Cousin

A report on NASA’s incredible discovery; a planet far, far away which is a lot like Earth!

India’s ‘Knife Man’

The bizarre case of an Indian man who developed a big appetite for metal

Drones Take Aim At Australia’s Pest Problem

A look at how Australian farmers are getting creative, using drones to eradicate a major pest problem